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Incentive Extras – Descriptions

Nairobi city tour - 02 hrs

The tour covers the main areas of interest in the city - the colourful market and shopping bazaars, the historic areas like the Parliament buildings and Mausoleum. Some time is spent at the renowned National Museum, where there are spellbinding displays of early man, tribal regalia and flora and fauna of Kenya. The tour also includes a visit to the adjacent Snake Park.

GP Karting Competitions

GP Karting basically involves racing using karts (very small cars) on designated race track. For groups, we divide them into teams and then they race in turns.

Karen Blixen, giraffe centre, Kazuri & Utamaduni - 4hrs

Truly a must for all 'Out of Africa' fans. Includes a visit to the Karen Blixen Museum, former home of the authoress of the book Out of Africa, where you immerse yourselves in the past life of the settlers at the beginning of the century, and can take a walk in the beautiful gardens with a spectacular view of the Ngong Hills. We then visit the Giraffe Centre, a sanctuary for the rare and beautiful Rothschild Giraffe. You can take photographs and even feed the giraffes and the resident warthogs. We end the tour by visiting the bead and pottery factory at Kazuri and shopping for souvenirs at Utamaduni.

The Carnivore Experience - lunch or dinner

Simply an orgy for meat lovers - try the barbequed antelope, giraffe, crocodile amongst other varieties of meat which will be brought to your table on spears.

In the style of a Brazilian churrasceria, 6 kms from the city centre, The Carnivore Restaurant is a popular spot for meat lovers.

Bush Breakfast with `Bubbly'

After an exciting early-morning game drive to add to the adventure, you will be surprised to arrive at a site in the park especially cleared for your bush breakfast. Toast with a glass of `Bubbly' and erase all fears as security is well provided for. In the midst of this enchanting savannah a buffet is laid out with the mouth watering aroma of sausages, eggs, and bacon, sizzling over a charcoal fire.

Out of Africa Bush Dinner

A private and secluded clearing is prepared for an elegant dinner. The surrounding area is lit up with camp fires and flame torches. The call of the wild and the sound of the jungle are complemented by the local beat and dance from the local dancers. Mouth watering dishes are prepared on a coal fire. Dress is informal. After dinner liquors are served around a campfire.

Bush Lunch

Similar to Bush dinner but less elaborate.

Sundowner with Canapés

Relax with a Sundowner after the day's excitement. This can be done at the pool or bar of the lodge itself, or at any spot in the wilderness. Some Lodges especially in the Mara (Mara Serena/Mara Safari Club) can organize the same at the Hippo Pools. Attentive waiters serve ice-cold beer, long gin and tonics and tropical cocktails, around a glowing camp fire.

BBQ Dinner

Set at the pool-side with a view of the wild African `jungle' a lavish barbeque buffet is laid out in front of you. Candles flicker in the darkness, throwing light on starched white table cloths. To add to the ambience, traditional local singers and dancers will perform for you.

Mombasa City Tour

The second most important city of the country, Mombasa is the largest and most popular island on the Kenya coast. This old but vibrant gateway to Kenya is a mystical mixture of ancient and modern, with a cosmopolitan population blending Africa, Arabia and Asia. But not everyone realizes that this picturesque port is an island with two deep water harbors. Evocative of the east, graceful sailing dhows unchanged throughout the centuries, arrive on the monsoon winds, while ocean liners berth just around the headland. Fringing the dhow harbor is the Old Town, dominated by the ancient Portuguese Fort Jesus, a maze of narrows streets overshadowed by high ornamental balconies of quaint shuttered houses and vibrant open bazaars.

Bamburi Nature Trail & Mamba Village

A reclaimed quarry, this is a stunning nature park. Walk amongst the trees and colorful birds as you watch hippos, waterbuck, buffalo and antelope. Visit the Crocodile Village and learn of the cycles in their life.

Stone Town Tour

ZANZIBAR is popular for its historical background. With a comfortable vehicle, you will be taken to the most interesting places in town. This is the bustling city market opened in 1904 and Anglican Church of Christ (ex-slave market) built in 1874. Visit the Beit el Ajab (House of Wonder) built by Sultan Barghash in 1883, the old fort build in 1700. Walk down the famous alleys of Zanzibar, whereby you can hanging Indian balconies, famous Zanzibari doors, the old coffee seller (who sells local coffee), walk along Gizenga street, where there are several shops, of tinga-tinga painting and souvenirs which you can take home.

Spice Farms Tour

ZANZIBAR is also known as the Spice Islands, Drive through the countryside, passing various villagers wearing colourful khangas, and arrives at the plantation farms, where various spices are grown. Here you can taste, smell and eat exotic spices and fruits like guavas, cinnamon, jack fruits breadfruits, leeches, pineapples, durians etc.,

Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour

Drive the countryside, passing various villages along the way, to the south west of the Island. On arrival you will be taken to the local boat, where you can board, to go out into the open sea, to where the dolphin playground is. You can swim and play with the dolphins, please note that this dolphins are wild and in their own territory, and will play in their own terms, on your ride back, you can also snorkel near the shore of Kizimkazi, then come back to Kizidi Restaurant, where you can have lunch, prior your departure to your respective hotel.

The activities for the day will last between 02 to 2.5 Hours. They will be as follows...

Blind Square

An activity designed to enhance communication and leadership Skills. The team is blind folded while holding on to a long rope. The objective is to make a shape of a square using the full length of the rope. This requires effective communication skills.

Traffic Jam

An activity designed to improve planning, Leadership skills, Patience and Tolerance. Two Teams stand facing each other, each member stand on a designated square. The objective is to swoop the two teams positions moving one person at a time until all are in new positions facing each other as it was at the beginning.


An activity designed for self-evaluation A discussion on life positions and ego states.

Theoretical Sessions

Designed to cover effective listening skills. The GRIPS model (A discussion on how effective teams plan and work together; Teams Strengths (A SWOT analysis on the team)

The activities for the day will last between 02 to 03 Hours. They will be as follows...

Lap Support

An Ice breaking activity that is designed to demonstrate the importance of team support and trust. The whole group stands in a circle with their hands holding on to the shoulders of the persons in front of them. They then proceed to sit on the laps of the people behind them until all are seated.

Team Ski

An Activity designed to show the importance of coordination, leadership, effective communication, tolerance, patience and planning. Participants stand on long wooden planks with rope attachments. To move forward over a designated distance they need to synchronize their movement and to communicate effectively.

Spiders Web

An activity designed to enhance planning, trust, resource management and teamwork.

Here the obstacle is a Spider web, which stands in the way of the Team. The Teams must go through this by either jumping through or by carrying each member through the holes of the web, without touching the edges.


An activity designed to enhance planning, resource management, teamwork and trust.

Here, there is an area designated as a 'Toxic Pool. Tough Ropes are then used by the Team Players have one of them hang on to them, to get a package in the middle of the pool, of which he/she is not supposed to touch. The Player to collect the package is blindfolded, and so the package is supposed to be the cure for the blindness. The other Team Players are supposed to be quite organized to be able to hold on and at the same time give instructions.

The Story

An activity designed to improve communication. A short story is presented to the team.

Followed by statements that the team is required to qualify as either true or false or not sure. The story generates a heated but healthy reaction from the team.

Interactive Drumming

A fun exciting teambuilding session using drums and processions. The whole teams sit in a circle and try to strike harmony. This requires them to listen to each other.

Acid River

An activity designed to enhance planning leadership and resource management. The team is given three planks of wood to use to cross an 'Acid River' by placing the planks on the stumps in the river. The team is expected to make it across and while doing so, to take the three planks with them.

Trust fall

An activity designed to enhance trust. Each Member stands on a raised place, while their teammates create a safe place for them to fall backwards to.

Team Puzzle

An activity designed to enhance teamwork, special skills and patience. The Teams are presented with a 500 pieces puzzle, which they have to assemble as a team.

Fill the drum

A Fun but highly interactive water based session that enhances planning. The Team is presented with a perforated drum and containers to use to fill the drum. The Team needs to plan well and use their resources (including human effectively.

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